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With over two decades of commercial carpet cleaning, we have the expertise and know-how to get your company’s carpets looking their very best. We use two types of cleaning methods—hot water extraction and encapsulation. Our carpet cleaning experts will determine the best method for your establishment.

What is the hot water extraction method to clean commercial carpets?
In situations where there is not enough electricity to run portable equipment and there are no security concerns, this is the most powerful equipment available and does the most complete job.

80% of our work with the hot water extraction method is done with portable equipment that uses electricity and is considered to be a very environmentally friendly way to clean carpets emission-free. Powerful, portable equipment gives us close-to-truck-mount style results. In highly secure environments, urban areas, and high rises with security concerns we are able to perform this highly effective cleaning method without leaving doors ajar for hoses. All of the equipment is inside the building.

Our portable equipment is equipped with auto-filling solution tanks which eliminates a substantial labour requirement to fill water into the machine. When possible and practical, we have powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines that produce their own hot water and have large waste water tanks.

What is the encapsulation method to clean commercial carpets?
We use Whittaker Trio machines for this type of interim carpet cleaning. These machines are recommended by many carpet manufacturers as the preferred equipment to use for this method.

In situations where quick drying of carpet is needed and the soiling level is moderate, this method is excellent for improving appearance levels with minimal impact on the facility. The method requires post-cleaning vacuuming which can be done by Point Three or your in-house staff.

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Are your cleaning products environmentally-friendly?

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality CertifiedThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes the cleaning products we use as being Safer Chemistry for the environment. Many of the products we use also carry the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certification.

Additionally, over 80% of our work is done with portable equipment that utilizes electric power. The majority of what we do is done with zero emissions.