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On-site Drapery Cleaning

We Offer On-Site Drapery Cleaning in Vancouver & Surrounding Cities

By establishing a regular cleaning schedule you can substantially prolong the life of your drapes and protect your investment.

Having drapes and sheers removed from your facility to be cleaned takes time and costs a lot of money. Point Three is able to clean all of your drapery on-site with our powerful steam cleaning machines. We pre-treat the drapes and sheers with a product that prevents browning and helps to remove any soiling.

Do the draperies need to be removed from the windows to be cleaned?
No. Our speciality drapery cleaning equipment allows us to clean all of your draperies professionally and thoroughly—all without removing them from the windows.
How long will it take for the draperies to dry once they've been cleaned?
The drapes and sheers are steamed and spot cleaned and dry within hours!
What types of businesses do you offer drapery cleaning to?
We clean drapes for many 4 and 5 star hotels throughout Vancouver and Whistler and have established ourselves as hotel guest room cleaning experts throughout all surrounding areas as well.

We also provide professional on-site drapery cleaning to property management companies, corporate offices, institutions and commercial businesses of all types in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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On-Site Drapery Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning

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Are your cleaning products environmentally-friendly?

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality CertifiedThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes the cleaning products we use as being Safer Chemistry for the environment. Many of the products we use also carry the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certification.

Additionally, over 80% of our work is done with portable equipment that utilizes electric power. The majority of what we do is done with zero emissions.