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7 Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips for Hotels

From daily vacuuming to more thorough steam and extraction methods, carpet cleaning should form an essential part of any home or business cleaning schedule. In the case of hotels, the carpet will be one of the first things guests will see as soon as they enter the lobby, room, corridor, bar that makes it an ideal way to create a first positive impression on your guests, both in terms of design and the overall cleanliness of the hotel. That’s why if you work in a hotel, we strongly recommend you to keep reading until the end to learn these 7 professional carpet cleaning tips for hotels.

Professional tips for Carpet Cleaning in Hotels that you should know:

Besides the negative impression that a soiled or stained carpet can cause to your guests, you should be aware that carpets can also produce unpleasant odours if they have not been cleaned for a long time, if they are wet, if there have been pets walking on them, etc. Therefore, even if they sometimes appear spotless, cleaning them should be an essential task of the housekeeping staff. 

Identify stains

It is essential that stains are identified quickly in order to prevent them from becoming permanent.  As mentioned above, although the negative impression a guest may get from a dirty carpet is the main concern to avoid, it is not the only one. Not identifying spots in a short period of time can cause permanent damage that may result in having to replace an entire carpet or rug.

What to do when you see a stain on your carpet?

You should know which products are best for that specific stain and how to apply them. In case you have not been trained to know so, it is important that before using any product you take a clean white towel and place it on the stained surface to absorb as much of the stain as possible. After that, and in order to avoid permanent damage, you should call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain with the appropriate products, techniques and machines.

At Point Three we can train your staff members so that they are fully qualified to carry out good maintenance until our next professional steam or encapsulation cleaning. 

Example of how one of the Downtown Vancouver hotels from our carpet maintenance program dealt with a wine stain in a guest room:

  • Before taking any steps, they called us immediately after identifying the stain to make sure how they should proceed.
  • We instructed them to use a clean white towel to soak up as much wine as possible until our team arrived.
  • Our technicians came to the hotel and used the appropriate spot cleaning solution, first making sure that it worked for that stain and that type of carpet . After that, they proceeded to use hot water extraction, and ta-da, stain removed!
  • We used a towel again to release the remaining product and that was all this time! Ready to welcome more guests!

Did you know that if no products or solutions other than those mentioned above have been used, Point Three’s carpet cleaning technicians can clean a wine stain in just a few minutes?

professional carpet cleaning tips

High traffic areas

If Point Three has ever come to your hotel for an initial assessment, you may already know that the first thing we do is to divide the carpet areas into high, moderate and low traffic zones.

A carpet in a guest room does not accumulate the same amount of traffic as the lobby or guest hallway. The amount of traffic in an area will determine the cleaning method and frequencies.

This information is worth knowing for the housekeeping staff of a hotel as well, as it can save a lot of time and improve cleaning efficiency.

In a carpet maintenance program you will also save a significant amount of money and you will obtain better results, as we will organize the cleaning proactively according to the different needs of each area.

Drying Time

From our own experience working with hotels for years we know that the activity in them is constant with new guests arriving and departing every day, plus events, special dates… That’s why at Point Three we always adjust to the schedules that are most convenient for you and make sure that the results are always a success. 

To achieve this, it is necessary to comply with the recommended drying times.. Did you know that a wool carpet smells like “wet dog”? The odour will remain until the carpet is completely dry. Because of the impact on Guest Perception, it is important to take into account how long the drying time is before guests enter the area after cleaning. We will always be the ones to advise you on best practices and dry times so you don’t have to worry about it!

Walk off mats

In homes, you can politely ask your guests to remove their shoes, but in commercial buildings this will not happen. The solution? A walk-off mat at the entrance of your hotel.

Benefits of a walk-off mat:

  • Trap much of the dirt that would otherwise enter your hotel.
  • Create a good impression with a stylish design.
  • Prevent slipping and falling. If you are in Vancouver like us or in any area where temperatures are cold, during the winter months it will be essential to take this into account to avoid accidents.

To know more about the benefits of a walk-off mat visit 4 reasons to have an entrance mat from our sister’s company Aero Carpet Services LTD Blog.



The fabric of your carpet is one of the most important factors to consider before cleaning, especially when you are trying to remove any stains. 

Depending on the material, different products and techniques will be needed. It is important to bear this in mind when using spot cleaners as one spot cleaner may work for one carpet/stain but not for others.

TIP: Always check the specifications of each spot cleaner and test the product on an inconspicuous part of your carpet, to ensure that no unexpected reactions damage your carpet. 

Frequent vacuuming

Vacuum the guest rooms every day, before and after a professional carpet cleaning (although Point Three can take care of this last point if you wish). In case the guests decline daily cleaning for several days during their stay, it is important to do a more thorough vacuuming once they leave.

In the case of hotel entrance or bar carpets, where the most traffic accumulates and they represent the first impression of the hotel to the public, it is important that they are vacuumed more frequently, sometimes even multiple times a day.

As we explained, you will also need to consider the fabric, as different types of carpet require different levels of care and attention when cleaning. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning tips for hotels

Professional Carpet Maintenance Program

At Point Three, we will take care of choosing the right carpet cleaning method for your carpet (hot water extraction or encapsulation), use the right quality and non-toxic cleaning products, and design an annual plan to schedule the necessary cleanings and methods for each carpet area.

In the end the most important thing is that you should know when and how to clean your carpets in each area of the hotel, making sure to connect professional carpet cleaners with your housekeeping  staff. With this combination, you will guarantee that your hotel always looks clean, shiny and fabulous to welcome all the guests who want to visit and enjoy Vancouver.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about our carpet cleaning maintenance programs, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by calling 604 420 7261. We’ve been providing professional carpet cleaning for over 22 years in all types of floorings  throughout Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Whistler and the Lower Mainland.