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Carpet Cleaning in Whistler [Why Spring is the best time of the year!]

April, and May, the months when Whistler’s high season takes a short break, are the best time to deep clean & maintain your hotel or business and start getting ready for summer. In this post, we’ll share with you all the benefits of spring cleaning your carpets if you’re in Whistler!

Why spring is the best moment to clean your carpets in Whistler

1. Slow busy season

Winter sports are coming to an end and until the good weather in Whistler and the outdoor activities come back, there are a few months when there are not as many tourists and locals coming to this beautiful village.

In the case of hotels, when they are at peak seasons and at maximum capacity, it is very difficult to find enough time to book the necessary hours needed for professional carpet cleaners to set up equipment, clean, and let the carpets dry completely. However, in the spring, you will be able to plan the floors/areas that you want us to clean more easily and in that way, you will be able to do a much more thorough cleaning in less time.

Hotel carpet cleaning Whistler

2. Snow, ice melters and salt (among others)

During the winter months, snow, salt, and ice melters are part of everyday life for every business and home in Whistler. All of this is left in the shoes of your visitors who then walk into your facility and pass it on to your carpets. That’s why after the winter it’s so important to have your carpets professionally cleaned because even if you have maintained regular carpet cleaning, there is still a lot of dirt that gets trapped and needs professional tools to remove it.

3. Remove bacteria, allergens, and stains accumulated

With all the winter months behind us and with it a lot of traffic, pet hair, snow, and rain, there is a lot of dust, debris, and possibly stains accumulated on your carpets, drapes, tiles, and upholstery… It is therefore essential to have them professionally cleaned as soon as possible to avoid discolouration, damage or even harm to human health.

4. Make your carpets last longer

There is a false myth that we have sometimes heard that once carpets are cleaned they are easier to re-stain/resoil. And of course, it’s not true! Carpets are less likely to get dirty again quickly just after a thorough professional cleaning. Plus, with regular maintenance will extend their life and avoid having to replace them prematurely.

5. Carpet Maintenance programs

Starting a carpet maintenance program in the spring can have great benefits. In addition to getting your carpets deep cleaned for the first instance, you can benefit from having the necessary appointments planned for the rest of the year, saving both time and costs.

A carpet maintenance program will carefully assess the frequency and methods of cleaning that your business or hotel needs, so you can save time, and money and keep your carpet in the best condition at all times.

6. Get ready for the summer season

Get ready for summer! By cleaning now, before the summer season arrives, you will ensure that your entire hotel is ready to welcome back all the guests from all over the world who will enjoy Whistler with you.

An easy way to improve first impressions is to always have a spotless hotel or business and that starts with the carpets! Point Three can help you with everything from upholstery, carpets, area rugs, tiles and drapes.

7. New business or hotel benefits

If you are opening your new business or hotel in Whistler we can also help you now in spring! We can advise you on the right materials and areas to place your carpets and everything related to the best use and extension of life in the best conditions of all your furniture, tiles, and carpets.

8. Professional carpet cleaning in Whistler

If you’ve already decided that this is the best time to have your carpet professionally cleaned, you’re reading the right post!

Our professional carpet cleaners can help restore your carpet’s appearance by removing dirt and stains while also removing allergens like dust mites and pet dander that live deep within your carpet’s fibers. All this, apart from improving your guests’ first impression, will improve indoor air quality and extend the life of your carpets, thus saving you money in the long run! If you want to know more about the benefits of professional carpet cleaning we tell you about it in our post 7 professional carpet cleaning tips for Hotels.

Did you know that during the months of March, April and May our carpet cleaners go up from Burnaby to Whistler and back every day? That’s right, we’ve been working in Whistler for over two decades and we love to get all the hotels and businesses ready for the peak seasons.

About Point Three Carpet Maintenance

We have the latest technology and IICRC-certified technicians who are trained on a daily basis so we are able to handle a high volume of work, increasing efficiency and achieving professional cleanings in record time.

Based on our more than three decades of experience we know that March, April, May and September, October, November are the favorites months for all the businesses and hotels in Whistler to refresh and clean their carpets – but even though we are getting ready to start heading up to Whistler every day starting next week….

We still have room for more! Our strong capacity to handle large volumes of work allows us to able to clean almost all business in Whistler in the next months so don’t doubt and contact us today to book your commercial carpet cleaning appointment!